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Opportunities and challenges faced by Chinese coated abrasive tools under [One Belt, One Road" strategy


President xi jinping in September, 2013, during a visit to the "area" initiative, not only caused strong repercussions in the chattering classes and different people, and in the various operational departments got positive response. For more than three years, the initiative in constantly to overcome difficulties and achieved fruitful results, in the implementation of "One Belt And One Road" economic zones open after contracting project breaks through 3000, "One Belt And One Road" development potential and prospect attention look forward to.

The launch of One Belt And One Road is undoubtedly a great opportunity for the development of various industries in China, but how to seize the opportunity to meet the challenge is a thorny issue for all industries. Coated with abrasive as industrial beautician, around how to use their own advantages conditions in combination with economic belt of the objective environment, all the way to explore how to better go global development strategy, develop a bigger market environment. Five senior figures in coated abrasives, starting from their own, analyzes the status quo in coated abrasives, points out that facing the opportunities and challenges, combined with the economic belt along the objective environment, for use in coated abrasives area put forward some valuable Suggestions of the development of all the way.


One Belt And One Road international cooperation peak BBS has been successfully concluded in Beijing. This summit has achieved remarkable results in the world. "Area" and the solution measures are proposed to carry out the implementation of the initiative, go out for our country enterprise provides a clear direction, clear positioning, broad platform, open environment, international development and the management for the enterprise provides a favorable macro environment. "One Belt And One Road" focuses on international cooperation infrastructure projects involving railways, ports, Bridges and public safety facilities. With so many infrastructure projects, such a big investment, the abrasives industry as the teeth of industry, undoubtedly faces huge business opportunities.

Abilities as foreign trade export enterprise, and "neighbourhood" all the way along parts of the country already has a certain trade cooperation foundation, a "One Belt And One Road" the train ride, we pitted will seize this great historical opportunities, more in-depth to understand the demand of the countries along the "area", trying to perfect products and services system, strengthen our brand position, by raising service standards, effectively reduce the product price, make our products be accepted by the countries and our product into a world-class brand. To this end, we also reserve a group of outstanding foreign trade talents, let them make full use of their talents in this great time.

"One Belt And One Road" is a business opportunity as well as a challenge. The challenge for the edge is that the demand is not enough to meet the demand, and the production is saturated and unable to meet the sales. We are improving our capacity in a variety of ways: to make a series of technical changes and increase efficiency on the original production line. At the same time, our new factory is under construction, which will release a lot of production capacity, which will lead to a good growth in production and sales.

Of course, there are more opportunities and more competition. Abilities will seize the opportunity, "One Belt And One Road" efforts to research and development and innovation of our products, with the silk road of innovation and enterprising spirit, to make our products with the help of a "neighbourhood" all the way on this ride towards the world better, better service to all relevant national industry, for the industrial development and the construction of the world make a certain contribution, in order to create the world famous brand the goal of continuous efforts to move forward. Only through continuous innovation, cutting edge products for us to meet in various countries and regions of different needs and demands, so as to let us stand out in the fierce international competition environment. At present, the sharpness and Japan wu corporation cooperation "held in annual output of 2500 Wan Chaojing grinding senior green cloth" project is underway, it in the "area" for our power potential will be enormous. Abilities will further improve the technology innovation system, speed up the adjustment of industrial structure, to solve a number of key technologies and the bottleneck restricting the development of industry, developed with independent intellectual property rights of a number of international high-end technology products, promote the industry can be both fast and good development, the promotion of the competitiveness of the edge.

Of course, while the industrial strategy layout is carried out along the "One Belt And One Road", it is also worth paying attention to the investment risks or obstacles that may be faced. Because the countries along the "area" for developing countries, the development phase difference is huge, complex and varied conditions, and the edge is aware of the potential risks, so we trade in cooperation will be more careful to choose partners, cooperation mode to avoid risk, its blessings along the way all plain sailing!

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