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China (Zhengzhou) International abrasive and grinding tool grinding exhibition after the report


The first China (Zhengzhou) International abrasive and grinding tool grinding Exhibition (China three) successfully ended. More than 220 exhibitors, more than 20 thousand visitors, nearly a thousand delegates after the baptism of 10000 square meters exhibition and more than 50 technical report "brainstorming", rewarding.
Government and industry to show highly, many media strongly praised the exhibition, exhibitors and professional visitors have been looking forward to the next meet again. The first China three exhibition successfully held, to fill the gaps in the domestic exhibition, called China's three grinding field of the new milestone.
A profound and unprecedented
The grand opening ceremony of the grand opening ceremony
The favorable industry policy, solid industrial base, diamond international status, original exhibition theme, rich and colorful exhibition activities, the organizers of the brand appeal, attracting attention from the global industry. In November 11th 11, a hundred years to day, from all over the world industry giants, government officials, organizers and other VIP leaders gathered in Zhengzhou, attended the opening ceremony of the exhibition.
Create a precedent for government and enterprises to create brand
Three grinding industry is the country's modern manufacturing industry to provide a tool for the key areas, but also one of the important sources of national strategic resources. China's three industry "big but not strong", the lack of industry scale and technology development level match the status quo of the exchange platform gave birth to China three grinding. Exhibition Organizing Committee of the integration of production, learning, research, use, business, government, the advantages of resources, overall planning, careful organization, and strive to create an international brand professional exhibition.
Gexianshentong industry grand debut
From the global industry, multinational companies and domestic well-known enterprises leading enterprises competing against each other. The contest table, who is willing to show weakness! Special booth exhibits standard in different poses and with different expressions, play their proper role; the fascia board exhibits blooming, scattered and orderly. Whether form, texture, size or weight, they all have a common characteristic: "new, special, excellent"!
Exhibits the temptation of professional audience in a continuous line
Large grinding equipment, processing equipment, abrasives production equipment; small diamond powder, corundum powder, silicon carbide powder; also includes abrasive stone grinding, grinding wheel, saw blade saw sandpaper belt rope, welding torch, welding rod milling drilling boring reaming tool, inspection and measurement instruments, such as chemical binder and curing agent product. Thousands of exhibits a superb collection of beautiful things, too busy to attend to all. Professional buyers to negotiate, each one takes what he needs.
The colorful activities of nine grand event
During the exhibition, the Organizing Committee held a series of nine industry organizations and activities, including: the Executive Council superhard material development forum, coated abrasives industry information and materials exchange conference, abrasives branch (enlarged) meeting, abrasive powder quality and inspection technology seminar, axis technology and Equipment Association technical committee committee annual meeting and technical exchanges Zhecheng, Henan province science and technology park investment promotion, new product launches, talent exchange, cultural exhibitions, lectures and activities accumulated more than 50 screenings. Teacher leading experts from around the world, with thousands of participants.
Scramble to report the news media spare no effort
Continue to report the more than and 20 domestic Associated Media, the global spread of international media industry, dozens of television, radio, magazines and newspapers, network media reported on the three Chinese mill exhibition dynamic, hot spots, news release, opening ceremony, exhibition event, conference theme of high efficiency, multi frequency publicity, greatly stimulate the industry of passion. The exhibition participants of the unit, the number and quality of far more than expected, "collision" of news and anecdotes to reporters excited, many media with "audience reviews", "lively", "more than expected", "excellent", spoke highly of the exhibition. After the exhibition, multi-channel media is still tracking reports.
Far-reaching awesome industry boost transformation
"Machine tool industry" 12th Five-Year "development plan" to determine the industry from production manufacturing to service-oriented manufacturing transformation development strategy, China three mill exhibition should be from time to time, will be an occasion and long. Service for exhibitors, audience services, services for the industry is China three mill exhibition held in mind, it is the consistent exhibition concept. The platform for casting industry, to provide weapon for modern manufacturing industry in China, China three mill exhibition will have succeeded in carrying out an assignment.
Two, exhibitors satisfaction analysis
This exhibition 220 exhibitors, the organizing committee to recover the "exhibitors survey" 216 copies, the analysis is as follows:
(a) analysis of the source of the exhibitors
Exhibitors from the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Czech, Austria, the United States, China (mainland, Taiwan) and other 10 countries and regions (see Figure 2-1). Europe accounted for 73% of foreign exhibitors brands (see Figure 2-2). Domestic exhibitors, central China accounted for 53%, East China accounted for 18% (see Figure 2-3).
(two) analysis of the purpose of exhibitors
From figure 2-4, the exhibitors put the "building a new business relationship", "show new products and new results", "understand the market situation" and "exchange experience" on the main location. "Completion of the transaction" in the last row. Meet the professional exhibition features.
(three) the analysis on the satisfaction of the main events of the exhibition business
From figure 2-5, the total number of visitors to the audience, the importance and authority of the audience to visit the booth and authority, exhibitors publicity effect are more satisfied, the individual choice of "satisfied" and "very satisfied" show business tired
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