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Established in 1997 located in No 1 Huangshantao Industrial District Yangzhong Jiangsu China Jiangsu Fengmang Compound Material Science Tech Group Co Ltd covers an area of 130 000 square meters with its building area 69 000 square meters owns 518 employees including 1 with Doctor s degree 3 with Master s degree 125 with Bachelor degree or above Fengmang group had been awarded by government in Yangzhong city the top thirty Industrial Enterprises for consecutive 16 year with its annual sales volume 600 000 000RMB Its business partner covers Europe America and Southeast Asia etc more than 10 countries By development of twenty years Fengmang group had become a leading manufactory in Chinese...

Categories and Products

Abrasive Cloth

Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Cloth

Waterproof Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Cloth Gxk51-P Hand Use Aluminum Oxide Emery Cloth Tj113 Soft Wood Polishing Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Cloth Soft Wood Grinding Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Cloth Aluminum Oxide R/R Abrasive Cloth Soft Cloth for Wood Polishing Tj103 Machine Use Aluminum Oxide Emery Cloth Ja135 Hand Use Aluminum Oxide Hard Abrasive Cloth X-Wt Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Cloth Gxk51-B Machine Use Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Cloth Tj135 Waterproof Calcined Alumina Abrasive Cloth Belt Gxk51-F Soft Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Cloth Roll Ja118 Y-Wt Silicon Carbide Abrasive Cloth Hand Use Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Cloth Ja113 Resharping Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Cloth Roll Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Cloth Roll Gxk51 Red Aluminum Oxide R/R Abrasive Cloth K11 Wood Grinding Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Cloth 3677 Cotton Cloth Abrasive Cloth Blue cloth Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Cloth 

Silicon Carbide Abrasive Cloth

Machine Use Soft Silicon Carbide Abrasive Cloth Tj438s Soft Silicon Carbide Abrasive Cloth Tj438 Waterproof X-Wt Silicon Carbide Abrasive Cloth Machine Use Soft Silicon Carbide Abrasive Cloth Jc122 Machine Use Soft Silicon Carbide Abrasive Cloth Jc122M Y-Wt Cloth Silicon Carbide Abrasive Cloth FM898 J-Wt Cloth Soft Silicon Carbide Abrasive Cloth Jc118 Aluminum Oxide Wood Grinding Sand Cloth Gxc51-F 

Zirconium Oxide Abrasive Cloth

Zirconium Oxide Sand Belt /Abrasive Cloth Pz933 Zirconium Oxide Abrasive Cloth Roll Zirconium Oxide Abrasive Cloth For Sand Belt Y-Wt Zirconium Oxide Coated Abrasive Cloth Roll Y1288 Zirconium Oxide Abrasive Cloth Roll Zk326X Zirconium Oxide Abrasive Cloth Roll Zk765 Flap Disc Cloth Zirconia Oxide 

Calcined Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Cloth

Calcined Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Cloth Roll J-Wt Calcined Aluminum Oxide Coated Abrasive Cloth Tj538s Calcined Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Cloth Tj538 Waterproof Cloth Calcined Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Cloth Calcined Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Cloth/Flap Disc Metal Grinding Calcined Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Cloth FM309 PCB Board Grinding Calcined Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Cloth Calcined Alumina Flap Disc Cloth Grinding Tool Abrasive Cloth 871k 150# Calcined Aluminum Oxide Stainless Steel Grinding Belt 871K Calcined Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Cloth X871k 

Semi-friable Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Cloth

Semi-Friable Special Coated Abrasive Cloth Roll J64D Middle Soft Cloth Abrasive Cloth 

Abrasive Paper

Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Paper

E-Wt Craft Paper Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Paper E-Wt Craft Paper Semi-Friable Aluminum Oxide Sandpaper Aluminum Oxide Red Massa Abrasive Paper C-Wt Latex Paper Aluminum Oxide Sandpaper FM68 C-Wt Latex Paper Aluminum Oxide Sandpaper FM69 Soft Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Paper FM31 Waterproof Craft Paper Aluminum Oxide Sandpaper Blue Waterproof C-Wt Craft Paper FM35 D-Wt Craft Paper Aluminum Oxide Sandpaper E-Wt Craft Paper Aluminum Oxide Sandpaper Pke51 Aluminum Oxide C-Wt Yellow Latex Paper FM38 Aluminum Oxide D-Wt Craft Paper W-D Red Waterproof C-Wt Craft Paper FM35 Calcined Aluminum Oxide Champagne Latex Sandpaper Imported E-Wt Craft Sandpaper a-E 400# Waterproof Dwt Craft Paper Fm07 120# Blue Waterproof Craft Paper FM35 800# Aluminum Oxide C-Wt Yellow Latex Paper FM38 400# Aluminum Oxide D-Wt Craft Paper W-D 60# 

Silicon Carbide Abrasive Paper

E-Wt Paper Silicon Carbide Abrasive Paper/Sandpaper C-Wt Latex Paper Silicon Barbide Sandpaper FM59 C-Wt Latex Paper Aluminum Oxide Sandpaper FM78 C-Wt Craft Paper Silicon Carbide Sandpaper FM48 C-Wt Latex Paper Silicon Carbide Sandpaper FM58 Green Paper Silicon Carbide Abrasive Sheet C-wt Craft Paper Silicon Carbide Abrasive Sheet Blue Latex Paper Silicon Carbide Waterproof Sandpaper Grey Latex Paper Silicon Carbide Abrasive Paper White Abrasive Paper C-wt Latex Paper Waterproof Silicon Carbide Craft Paper FM48 180# 

White Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Paper

C-Wt Craft Paper White Aluminum Oxide Sandpaper White Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Paper Roll 

Abrasive Belt

Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Belt

Aluminum Oxide Sand Belt Gxk51-P Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Belt Kx167 

Zirconium Oxide Abrasive Belt

Zirconium Oxide Abrasive Belt 

Calcined Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Belt

Calcined Aluminum Oxide J-wt Cloth Abrasive Belt TJ538 

Flap Disc

Aluminum Oxide Flap Disc

Metal Polishing Aluminum Oxide Flap Disc Aluminum Oxide Flap Disc Metal Grinding 4 inch 

Zirconium Oxide Flap Disc

Blue Zirconium Oxide Metal Grinding Flap Disc 20% Zirconium Oxide Flap Disc Metal Grinding 4 inch Zirconinum Oxide Abrasive Flap Disc T29 

Calcined Aluminum Oxide Flap Disc

Calcined Aluminum Oxide Aluminum Oxide Flap Disc Metal Grinding Calcined Aluminum Oxide Flap Disc 

Velcro Disc

Aluminum Oxide Velcro Disc Wood Grinding Aluminum Oxide Magic Tape Disc Velcro Disc Jumbo Roll Blue Calcined Abrasive Oxide Velcro Disc D-wt Craft Paper Aluminum Oxide Velcro Disc Aluminum Oxide 140G D-wt Abrasive Velcro Disc C-Wt Latex Paper Calcined Aluminum Oxide Sandpaper Jx-Ad Blue Abrasive Velcro Disc Metal Polish 

Fiber Disc

Aluminum Oxide Fiber Disc

0.8/0.6mm Fiber Paper Aluminum Oxide Aluminum Oxide 0.8mm Fiber Disc 4"-7" Aluminum Oxide Fiber Discs Aluminum Oxide Fiber Disc 7 inch 

Silicon Carbide Fiber Disc

Silicon Carbide Fiber Disc Silicon Carbide Fiber Disc 7 inch Zirconium Oxide Abrasive Grinding Wheel Fiber Disc 

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